Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Kool Keith featuring Dr.Doom, Aceyalone & Lady Blue - What Means Something

this is the first rap song i've ever posted on here! it brings be back to when I was in grade 9.. listening to ninja tune comps and probably too much DJ Shadow. I was all over this cold, eerie, rainy day hiphop shit.. and this track seems like a perfect example.. with creepy background indian noises.. schizo flows from KOOL KEITH (definately one of my favourites). weird hazy vibes on this one.. kinda remind me of those first degenerate tsawwassen pot smoking experiences - "yo kid walk straight faster you're high". This is off some sort of compilation called "the highlife movement" put together by a group of bay area MCs, and produced by Lady Blue of the Coup on a 4 track or something. I'm going to keep my eye open for it because this kind of moody and minimal hip hop will always resonate with me.

PS> Apparently this track features Kool Keith and another rapper going by the name of "dr.doom". this is not to be interpretted as Kool Keith AS Dr.Dooom .. Kool Keith used the name on his "first come first served" follow up to Dr.Octagon.. but this Dr.Doom is different because he only has two O's

Thursday, February 02, 2006


Bob Dylan - Tombstone Blues (Alternate Take)
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I really like the drumming in this version, it's a little more untamed.

That is all.

Tuesday, January 31, 2006


The Cure - I Just Need Myself (Studio Demo)
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First up we have an out take from the Cure's first record, that is now available with the expanded version. Instead of the gloomy emotional new wave that these guys are notorious for, we get high wired pop punk that's so peppy you could swear you were listening to the buzzcocks. Instead of Robert crying over lost girls, we get to hear him proudly proclaim that he has no need for them. what if the cure kept going in this direction with their records? do you think they'd make any money? probably not.

The Blood Brothers + Gang of Four - Anthrax
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Two of my favourite bands of past and present come together to do a version of one of my favourite songs! this doesn't happen very often. It's part of Gang of Four's "Return the Gift" record which is like a greatest hits cd only they decided to rerecord everything from scratch. when i first heard of this i didn't really see the point.. i mean the origonal versions are already killer- but on closer inspection they have made improvements on some songs that keep them from sounding tied to the era of their origonal recording.. namely "i love a man in a uniform". In the original version of this they decided to hire a black lady to sing the chorus. maybe singing "i love a man.." was a little too homo erotic for them at the time.

Thursday, January 26, 2006


the intelligence - nice tries
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i gotta make this one quick so i can go fly kites. um. this is the intelligence. i don't really know much about them aside from the fact that if you're into the lowest fidelity garage rock a la coach whips you should definately look into purchasing their latest full length, Icky Baby. peep their myspace for some more songs. dirty dumpster beats and ouch my ears, buzzing guitars. yeah. hot stuff.

The Long Blondes - Seperated by Motorways
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It seems like british girls make for ABSOLUTELY FEROCIOUS vocalists. exibit a: the slits. exibit b: the long blondes. their voices are so strong, i don't know if i should be attracted or intimidated. (luckily they cool it down for me a little with an easy to swallow poppy chorus). How are the edgy artpunk girlbands on the otherside of the pond (erase errata) supposed to be able to compete with these british girls?

Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Black Sabbath - Neon Knights
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i don't really listen to much metal these days that is not black sabbath. this one's got dio on vocals. i'm glad that sabbath didn't feel like it was necissary to limit themselves to one vocalist. this isn't as slow and sludgy as their stuff with ozzy but i find dio's over pronounced vocal treatment makes up for this. what sells me on this is the name, and the imagery that comes with it, and the chugging rhythmn that starts the song.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006



who do you choose?
"hideous crime"
our first contender channels the ancient virbations of the surf/garage movement through a lofi echochamber. haunting shamanistic rythmns take you back to the days of death valley 69. sounds like the deltones if they forgot how to play and got lost in space.

the competion is a little less intimidating, two nerdy suburban brothers who probably read alot of harry potter, but keep in mind they do have a few tricks up their sleeves, look out for hot eukele riffs

Tuesday, January 10, 2006


death sentence:PANDA! - exit villager

death sentence: PANDA! sounds a little like a looser,
jerkier channels 3x4 with a coronet.
my dad has a coronet. never seen him play it though. if i could make it sound like these guys do i'd play it everyday.

not a very big post.. i just thought the picture and the song deserved to be shared